McClure Investment Management is dedicated to: 

creating a customized, dynamic portfolio based on your personal needs, goals and risk tolerance and growing long-term wealth through well-grounded financial planning.


Things change. The best way to weather any financial storm is to understand when and where it will hit. The difficult part is finding a sound investment advisor that understands the industry, while creating a game plan that aligns with your needs and will remain steadfast through the inevitable cycles of the markets you are invested in.

That is McClure Investment Management, LLC. We know money, but more than that, we know people. While we rely on measurements of earnings, revenue and cash flow to assess an investment’s value, we never lose sight that these are investments in companies and these companies are run by people. We attempt to find companies that have great financial strength coupled with people in management that can lead that company through the inevitable market cycles. At McClure Investment Management, LLC we rely on experience, insight and hard work to limit risk, create wealth and become a trusted partner in your future.

While many advisors prefer the convenience of packaged products such as mutual funds, we construct our portfolios from individual securities. Holding a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds gives us the ability to make immediate and specific changes to a portfolio as market conditions warrant. Unlike a portfolio of mutual funds or annuities with overlapping holdings and numerous management styles, McClure Investment Management, LLC will construct your portfolio with complete transparency. You’ll know where your money is, and why it’s there.